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On my new board. New Falus boards drop in November!


mandible claw

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If you have been following Tagsters Magazinnne . com you know about the Mandible Claw video. Colin asked me if i wanted a copy and just send me 4! Thanks buddy!

2nd life for the daydreamer blog

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After a serious lack of posts we are reinventing the blog. With modern technology we are moving into 2010 and bring you live iPhone updates, straight from the streets!

FUVE premiere

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is next sunday after spot the spot in Arnhem!

Sebas @ Skateplaza

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Skateplaza Rotterdam, NL
Sebastiaan Vijverberg – hip ollie

The interview is the word

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Lance Mountain, Rotterdam

Ishod Wair, Rotterdam

I interviewed Lance Mountain and Ishod Wair for Tagsters Magazine. Not only was it amazing to meet one of my favourite skateboarders, but I was mostly amazed how much our interview seemed like my skatenerd conversations with my friends.

To see the interview, click here.

Jaasir Linger

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Arnhem, NL

nollie heelflip revenge. Last year during Spot the Spot Jaasir went for broke on this trick, but this time he got to roll away clean.